NATURAL movement

Fitness for the real world.

Find your way back to your nature.

We are not meant to live in a cramped environment. We are not meant to be separated from the natural world and our own true nature. Chronic pain, immobility, depression and lack of vitality are the symptoms of Zoo Man Syndrome. Modern society forces us to consider these as average, normal and inevitable. MovNat will help you to regain your nature.

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Corona update
Providing a safe environment for guests and our team during this time.
Online course
40-minute online course that will guide you through the skills and principles of Natural Movement.
Level 1 certification 16-18 April
Your starting point to learn the skills and principles of Natural Movement Fitness.

What MovNat Zurich offers


Our gym can be adapted to all needs due to its modular character. From the children's crawling group to the athletic course.

Individual Coaching

Intensity and individuality characterize individual coaching. Here, the different techniques can be taught in a targeted manner.

Group lessons

This is where fun and training come together. As a team, everyone promotes and demands each one. Tasks are set that can only be accomplished with team spirit.


After everyone has learned the technical skills in the protected environment, we go into nature and apply our skills in the complex environment of nature.


If you want to gain deeper insights or even want to pass on MovNat yourself, then you can be trained as a certified MovNat trainer.

Online training

If you prefer to train at home and want to or need to divide your training time individually, you can book a sophisticated and individual e-course.


In order to move naturally, all it takes is to have fun with the movement. All additional smaller and useful helpers can be found in our shop.

Corporate workshops

Those who move efficiently can also work more efficiently. Those who exercise regularly and naturally also prevent postural deformities, are fitter, healthier and more efficient.