The Team

All members of our team love movement and encounter. We all come from a health or therapeutic background and are happy to share this knowledge with others. We attach great importance to the fun factor, without which nothing works for us!

Dr. Thomas Bohner

"With MovNat, I've learned something that has huge potential for everyone, from babies to athletes to the sick, elderly!"
Thomas is a certified MovNat Trainer Level II and as a tennis trainer and soccer cotrainer he has long been involved in training and nutrition. As a trained pharmacist he combines the scientific aspects with traditional knowledge. Movement for him is more than just getting from one place to another. From practice he often sees the connection between movement and health. Physical, mental and emotional difficulties can be greatly improved or optimised by the right movement. 

Francesca Seegy

Francesca is currently preparing for the certification as MovNat Level I trainer. Francesca is an infant development coach and therapist for children with special needs. She organizes baby courses and workshops for fresh parents and their babies in Zurich and Milan. She also works as a parent-baby coach with families and focuses on the specific needs of families and babies - such as exercise, sleep, eating, parental anxiety, babies with colic, etc. Her many years of experience enable her to pass on both the movement patterns of babies and parents and the connections between movement and development. MovNat ideally combines the needs of babies and parents.

Our Gym

Training room

Our gym can be adapted to all needs due to its modular character. From the children's crawling group to the athletic course.
The training room is located in the Böni in Thalwil:
Bönirainstrasse 12
8800 Thalwil

What is MovNat?

MovNat is a movement method based on the human body. It is about relearning the natural movement that has evolved over millions of years to move in a complex and adaptable way to become and stay healthy and strong.
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