MovNat Certification

The MovNat certification is the most established, complete and recognized movement course you can find anywhere. It is the industry standard.

If you are serious about movement - this is what you do.

We believe that the quality of movement counts, and the quality of movement begins with Natural Movement®.

If you want to develop your movement skills and regenerate your body in a safe, sustainable and natural way, take one of our certification courses, where you can safely explore what you are really capable of, i.e. how your body is designed.

Level 1 Certification - Your starting point to learn the skills and principles of Natural Movement Fitness.
In stage 1 everything revolves around the basics. We show you how to break down and teach movements. We start with what everyone needs - ground movement. Crawling. Squatting. Stand up and go into a squat. The most important thing is that you learn how to think and talk about movement as a professional. You will learn that it has a specific language, basics and progressions. We will teach you how to rebuild your movement ability from the ground up. This is the foundation for everything.
Level 2 Certification - Go deeper and take your training to the next level.
This course will take your movement and coaching skills to the next level. Learn how to teach more advanced techniques and develop a deeper understanding of movement skills and efficiency. The newly acquired techniques and knowledge will enable you to challenge your fitter and fittest clients and prepare them better for even more ambitious personal fitness goals.

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