What is MovNat

MovNat is the official coaching method, fitness program and certification system developed by Erwan Le Corre for Natural Movement. It is a method for movement, fitness, functional rehabilitation and physical training.

MovNat includes the skills of breathing, ground movement, walking, running, jumping, vaulting, balancing, crawling, climbing, swimming (and related water skills), lifting, carrying, throwing, catching and self-defense techniques such as hitting and grabbing.

The primary goal of MovNat and thus Natural Movement is to return people to their original - i.e. evolutionary and biological - movement behaviour in order to promote, restore and/or maintain health, fitness, well-being, happiness and even a feeling of freedom.

Secondly, to equip people with the movement skills and general physical competence required for practical situations in daily life. Such competence is timeless, and the people who possess it are able to use this for themselves and for others. In keeping with the motto:

"Be strong to help yourself and others!"

Finally, Natural Movement is also a mindful practice that emphasizes awareness, the connection between body and mind, and the connection and respect for nature. In short, Natural Movement contributes to people's self-realization so that they can enjoy a higher quality of life.